Equipment rental software for tool rental companies

Rentle has all the tools you need to manage your equipment rental business better.

Simplify your rental operations

Automate order collection, inventory management, and documentation and have more time to focus on your customers. Rentle's cloud-based equipment rental software gives you the power to run your rental store all in one place.

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Rental management software that reduces your admin work

Compare plans and pricing

Streamlined rental inventory management

Rentle automatically keeps your inventory up to date and fully maintained, whether you rent out individual products or combined packages.

Availability, maintenance notes, and usage details are right there at your fingertips, making the asset tracking effortless.


All your bookings in one place

Simplify your order management by having your online and in-store bookings combined and synched in one back office.

Rentle gives you complete visibility for your upcoming, active, and past orders.


Security deposits

Reduce your risk of unexpected events. Rentle's built-in security deposit feature covers you from damaged or lost equipment.


Accept payments flexibly

Let your customers enjoy the latest and smoothest payment experience in your online store securely.

Your customers can pay with their credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods, depending on your country.


Ready-made online store

Consumers and equipment rental companies are moving online.

Adding Rentle online store to your website is the easiest way to keep up with the development and turn your website into a source of revenue, driving your company's growth.


Seats for your whole team

Invite as many users as you need to use the software and manage their user roles so that your whole team can keep up with their daily work smoother.

Sharing information and delegating work becomes so much easier.


My decision to go with Rentle was based on the quality of customer service, the whole onboarding process was smooth and during this whole period of working with Rentle, the support has been amazing. Rentle goes the extra mile to make things happen.

Teijo T. | Metripe



Metripe is building a click & collect ecosystem with Rentle

Metripe was founded in 2020 to enable the widest possible range of rental services through a click-and-collect locker network.

As a side business, the company rents out tools using Rentle's equipment rental software.

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