Modern construction and tool rental software

Keeping your tools in order.

Make renting out tools simple. For you and your customers.

The construction equipment and tool rental industry is strongly focused on professionals.

Rentle is the best way to start renting out tools and construction equipment to consumers when they only need a hole in a wall instead of a drill.

Our features promote speed, efficiency, and security. In other words, better business.

Renting out your construction equipment and tools with Rentle is efficient and stressfree.

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Online bookings

Your customers are looking for services online, and you want to make the booking of the equipment as easy as possible.

Rentle offers an optimized e-commerce solution specifically designed for rental businesses.


Manual order creation

When you need to create orders to serve walk-in customers or process bookings made over phone or email, you can create orders manually.

Rentle’s manual order creation is connected with online bookings so availabilities stay always up-to-date.


Item tracking

You need to know when, where, and how many times each of your inventory items have been rented out on an individual level.

Rentle’s inventory supports both bulk and individual tracking of items to allocate usage and rental history on an item level. Rentle supports barcode scanning, which makes tracking even smoother.



Advanced automation

You want to streamline your operation even further by automating your manual tasks.

With Rentle's powerful predefined settings you can speed up order processing, scheduling equipment maintenance, and more.


Security deposits

You want to rent out your most valuable products with peace of mind and monetary safety in undesired events.

Rentle’s automatic deposits are secure and consumer-friendly way to rent out your most expensive items without worry.


Automatic waivers

You want to make sure that each of your customers is aware and accepts your rental terms and conditions.

Rentle automates your waiver process and allows you to customize the rental terms based on the rental equipment.


Delivery & Pick-ups

Your customers would like to order equipment delivered to the construction site, and you want to fulfill their request.

Rentle enables you to add delivery and pick-up option for your rental equipment and thereby improve the customer experience.


Reports & Accounting

You need visibility into the performance of your business and important documents like reports for accounting.

Rentle’s reports are visual and easy to understand both for you and the important stakeholders such as accountants.


Compared to other more expensive software I have used for resource management in the past, Rentle is years ahead in usability.

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Why rent your tools?

Consumers look for benefits rather than material possessions. Instead of owning they want to achieve.

Renting is the most convenient way for consumers to have access to the latest and high-quality equipment they don't need on a daily basis or can't afford.

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