The next generation ski rental software

Robust and versatile, while being easy-to-use and straightforward.

The most powerful cloud-based ski rental software.

The high rental volumes, seasonality, and strict waiver process put normal rental software under a lot of pressure.

We are not normal. We know the ski rental industry and its' specific requirements. Experience the benefits that Rentle's unique solution provides for ski resorts and rental shops.

The essentials that make renting out skis simple.

Better and faster renting experience for your customers. Provenly halves the time a customer spends inside the rental shop.

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Seamless multi-channel sales

You want your business to receive online bookings while you must be sure that the in-store processes run smoothly.

With Rentle you have your offering available online without the risk of overbooking your skiing equipment. 


Bundle equipment into product packages

You want to bundle your skis, boots, and poles into packages to make your and your customer's life easier.

Rentle makes it simple to combine individual products to packages, without extra complexity in product management.


Automatic waivers and DIN calculation

You want to reduce your risk and liability with automatically generated rental contracts and waivers.

Rentle has all the necessary customer details and the ski binding settings according to the ISO standards stored and easily accessible whenever needed.


Inventory tracking with barcode support

You need to track the usage and current location of your equipment on an individual item level.

Rentle’s inventory supports both bulk and individual tracking of items to allocate usage on an item level. Barcode scanning makes order fulfillment efficient and fast.


Offer skiing lessons & lift tickets with equipment

You want to handle all your customer needs from skiing lessons to lift ticket sales in one system.

Rentle allows your customers to book skiing lessons and lift tickets together with the rental gear, making the customer experience a whole lot of smoother.


Delivery management

Delivering the equipment to your customers is the extra mile to perfect the customer's experience.

Rentle allows you to sell and manage equipment deliveries and pick-ups conveniently.


Reports & Insights

You would like to have detailed knowledge of your most used equipment, best sellers, and most profitable customer segments.

By tracking your rentals with Rentle, you're able to accelerate growth with sound decisions on your business based on data. 


Payment handling and deposits

You want to offer your customers the most modern payment experience.

As a PCI-DSS certified payment provider, Rentle is able to offer industry-specific payment features designed for the rental industry's needs. Charging security deposits and offering your customers modern service models like seasonal rentals and subscriptions is now possible with Rentle.


We figured out that the time customers spend inside the shop queuing, waiting, and fitting the equipment was significantly reduced.

Ossi Pesonen - Shop Manager Ounasvaara Ski Resort



One rental software for all your rental equipment.

Rentle's benefits for your rental business are even bigger if you rent out, for example, bikes, kayaks, SUP boards, or any other equipment during the summer season.

What makes Rentle special also for other rental equipment?

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