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You save time by automating manual work with cloud connected rental software.

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"Rentle offers easy to use software with massive time saving in our rental shop via option for customers to book equipment in advance. Overall Rentle helps us to serve our customers better!"


Source: Capterra, January, 2020

Digital order management

Receive bookings and check-ins digitally both in-store and online. Orders are created automatically - so you can focus on providing smooth service without stress.

Benefits for you:

✔︎  Collects customer details automatically.
✔︎  Easy & fast procurement.
✔︎  Digital & secure waiver acceptance.
✔︎  Multi-language support.
✔︎  Works with any device.

Smart inventory

Inventory that does not cause stress or double bookings.

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Real-time availability

Accept bookings at any time without needing to check the availability of your gear constantly from the calendar.


Performance data

Recognize the performance of products in your inventory. Base your decisions on data.


Item tracking

Follow your equipment in real time either on bulk or on an individual level.


Barcode support

Barcode support makes order procurement as easy as scanning a barcode.


Multi-location support

With multiple inventory locations you see the local inventories in real-time, and you can operate drop-on drop-off rentals.


Maintenance management

Extend the lifetime and increase the resale value of your rental equipment by giving them service based on usage data.


Smooth buying experience in all channels.

Focus on providing great experiences. We will make the check-in and booking experience perfect.


Rentle's digital check-in kiosk is the modern way of welcoming customers to your rental shop. Digital, scalable and hassle-free.


Learn from every rental and customers. Offer package products, personalised experience and additional services based on the buyer.


Enable smooth experience for returning customers. Product recommendations based on their previous visit and providing a faster check-in.


Include detailed product information to help your customers choose exactly the equipment they need for the best possible rental experience. 

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