Sell online.

Have your offering easily available online and secure revenue in advance.

Stress-free online presence.

Rentle's online store is integrated into your bookings and inventory so that your multi-channel sales process won't cause double bookings.

Start growing your business today -  your online store could be up and running in minutes.

Start growing online in minutes.

You can have your online store up and running in minutes.

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Clean and stylish

Great customer experience starts from the booking. The minimalistic design makes renting online clear and enjoyable.


Always up to date

The online store is integrated into your bookings & inventory so the online rentals won't cause double bookings. You can adjust the share of your inventory that you put available online.


Forecast the future

Secure revenue in advance and don't let factors like bad weather to ruin the best days of the season. A paid customer is a committed customer.


Accept payments

Rentle takes care of your payment handling and provides you and your customers easy and versatile payment experience. (Available in Europe).


100% mobile friendly

Mobile or PC - doesn't matter. With Rentle, your clients can access your online store from any device and always receive the optimal experience.


Easy to customise

You can easily change the colors and styles of your online store and customise the layout according to your brand.


A top-notch consumer experience.

We always aim to provide better experience for the consumer.


Enable your customers to book everything in advance and relieve their stress prior their arrival.


Provide rich information about your equipment and convince your customers with your offering.


Prepare orders in advance and decrease the hassle in your store during peak hours. Both, your online and offline customers will thank you!


The role of e-commerce will only grow in the future. Modern consumers choose businesses that offer modern experiences.

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