Sell in-person, seamlessly

Bring your in-store and online sales together.


Customer encounters that count


Greet your customers by their first name, serve them efficiently, and handle all the necessary documents digitally.

Call and mail-in

Answer all booking inquiries with confidence based on real-time availability information.


Bring your online customers to your store and use the opportunity to upsell at the pick-up.

Unified back office

Have all your orders and inventory seamlessly connected across every sales channel and location.


Ways to sell in-person

Manual orders & reservations

Create orders manually either for immediate fulfillment or for a future date.

Check-in App

Speed up your order fulfillment in-store, automate upselling, and handle contracts digitally with Rentle’s Check-in App.

Booking links

Add the required products to the shopping cart and send the cart via SMS to the customer for confirmation.

Small things made smoother


Build your audience

Build your marketing list by asking for your customers' contact details and consent when doing business with you.

Digital contracts & receipts

Decrease the amount of paper in your store by digitizing contracts and receipts.

Prevent overbooking

Receive a warning if you are about to overbook.

Custom discounts

Add fixed or percentage discounts to an entire order, or part of an order.

Order notes

Attach special notes to orders to keep yourself and your team up to date.

"We found that the time customers spend inside the shop queuing, waiting, and fitting the equipment was significantly reduced."

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Ossi P. | Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara



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