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Rentle Trailer Rental Software gives you the power to manage your business all in one place – allowing you to focus on keeping your trailers on the move.

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The essentials for trailer rentals

Sales channels

Rent and sell online, in your store, and basically wherever your customers are. With Rentle, you get a ready-made website with a built-in online booking system, and sales tools for your store - all seamlessly connected so you will never get overbooked.

Product catalog

Create products you want to sell and rent to your customers. You can add trailers for rent, merchandise for sale, and offer additional services. Flexible.

Inventory management

Build your own processes to keep all your trailers in order, track their usage, and prevent overbooking.


Accept payments easily with Rentle Payments. We support credit card payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods depending on your country.

Recommended for trailer rental businesses

Some call them apps or features, we call them Building Blocks. Use Rentle Blocks to make Rentle fit perfectly your needs.

Booking Extension

Allow your customers to extend their rentals on the go


Custom Payments

Add more options for payments happening outside of Rentle, such as invoices



Get a better overview of your operations


Maintenance Times

Reserve time for product maintenance between bookings

Package Products

Offer additional products with trailers and bundle them into packages


Product Variants

Expand your offering with product variants

Start for free and choose your plan later

No credit card required

We apply an automatic 50% discount to your subscription for every month you made less than $1,000 in sales.

Your monthly revenue



Best for exploring a new business opportunity

Best for exploring a new business opportunity

$ 0 0 USD /mo


Best for new businesses starting to sell online

Best for new businesses starting to sell online

$ 39 19.50 USD /mo


Best for growing businesses selling online and in-store

$ 79 39.50 USD /mo


Best for scaling businesses that require many features

$ 399 199.50 USD /mo

Basically, after a 30-minute training and a handful of real-life rental situations, our employees have learned the new processes and how to use Rentle.

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Learn more about renting trailers

How do trailer rentals work?

Essentially, trailer rental companies have a fleet of trailers and additional products, for example, moving boxes and beak trolleys, they rent out to their customers for different durations. Every company has its own rental process, pricing model, and way to make the service available.

Typically trailer rental businesses work through a click-and-collect model, where a customer makes a booking online and picks up a trailer when the booking starts. After the booking, the customer returns the trailer after which it's checked and prepared for the next customer.

How do I start a trailer business?

Starting a trailer rental business requires some up-front planning, preparation, and setting up processes. First, you need to make a business plan which includes a description of your business, market and competitor analysis, financial plan, and marketing plan.

The processes around trailer rentals are relatively simple. You need to have solutions for inventory tracking, order management, scheduling repairs, and accepting payments. However, these are all something that good rental management software can handle.

It is worth noting that a large fleet of trailers requires a lot of space. Before getting started, you should ensure that you have sufficient space to store your assets.

Is a trailer rental business profitable?

In general, a trailer rental service can be very profitable and enjoy high profit margins, making it a great extra service, for example, for a hardware store or an easy side-hustle for anyone owning a trailer.

Still, just like with any company, profitability comes down to the business's income and expenditure structure. The better utilization rate your trailers have, the more profitable the business.

Trailers are relatively easy to maintain, so even one person can manage a fairly large trailer fleet. Thus, the most significant costs typically consist of the purchase of the trailers, the rent of the land where the trailers are stored, and insurance.

To better understand your financial estimates, we recommend looking at our guide to financial planning and budgeting →

Do I need trailer rental software?

It is strongly recommended that you start using trailer rental software from the early days of your business. Trailer rental software allows you to manage your whole business in one place instead of several apps and spreadsheets. This gives you a better overview of your business and helps you streamline your rental operation.

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