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Rentle Ski Rental Software gives you the power to manage your business all in one place – allowing you to help get people out on the slopes faster.

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The essentials for ski rentals

Sales channels

Rent and sell online, in your store, and basically wherever your customers are. With Rentle, you get a ready-made e-commerce website, check-in stations, and sales tools for your store - all seamlessly connected so you will never get overbooked.

Product catalog

Create products you want to sell and rent to your customers. You can add skis and snowboards for rent, lift tickets and merchandise for sale, and services, such as lessons, to complete the whole experience. Flexible.

Inventory management

Build your own processes to keep your rental items in an order, track their usage, and prevent overbooking. We provide the tools for it.


Accept payments easily with Rentle Payments. We support credit card payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods depending on your country.

Recommended for ski rental businesses

Some call them apps or features, we call them Building Blocks. Use Rentle Blocks to make Rentle fit perfectly your needs.

Booking Extension

Allow your customers to extend their rentals on the go

DIN Settings

Get the right DIN calculations automatically


Maintenance Times

Reserve time for product maintenance between bookings

Mass Return

Significantly speed up your return process


Product Packages

Bundle products into packages


Connect Rentle with SKIDATA to sell lift tickets

Start for free and choose your plan later

No credit card required

We apply an automatic 50% discount to your subscription for every month you made less than $1,000 in sales.

Your monthly revenue



Best for exploring a new business opportunity

Best for exploring a new business opportunity

$ 0 0 USD /mo


Best for new businesses starting to sell online

Best for new businesses starting to sell online

$ 39 19.50 USD /mo


Best for growing businesses selling online and in-store

$ 79 39.50 USD /mo


Best for scaling businesses that require many features

$ 399 199.50 USD /mo

We calculated that Rentle significantly reduced our customers' time inside the shop queuing, waiting, and fitting the equipment.

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Ossi P. | Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara

Learn more about renting skis

How do I start renting skis online?

You need a website optimized for online booking to start renting skis online. Ski rental software like Rentle makes this easy for you.

Add the products and services you want to rent and sell on your website and determine the quantities in Rentle's inventory management system. That way, your availabilities are always up to date across the sales channels, and you don't get overbooked. Next, set up your payment options so your customers can book and pay their rentals in advance.

Once everything is set up, you can embed Rentle to your existing website or use Rentle as a standalone website.

How do renting skis work?

Essentially, ski and snowboard rental companies have a fleet of skis, boots, snowboards, and accessories that they rent out to their customers for different durations. Every company has its own rental process, pricing model, and way to make the service available to the customers. Also, additional services, such as skiing lessons, have a significant impact on how the operation shapes out. Rentle supports all the most common requirements of a ski shop.

How do I start a ski rental business?

Starting a ski rental business requires a lot of planning, preparation, and setting up processes. First, you need to make a business plan. Your business plan includes a description of your business, market and competitor analysis, financial plan, and marketing plan. It is also essential to consider how you will organize your processes, such as handling waivers, inventory management, order processing, and ski maintenance on your premises.

Is a ski rental business profitable?

In general, a ski rental business can be very profitable and enjoy high profit margins. Still, just like with any company, profitability comes down to your business's income and expenditure structure. It is also worth noting that skiing and snowboarding are seasonal activities, which should be considered when assessing a business's revenue and profit potential.

Incomes are primarily determined by whether there is a demand for ski rental services in your area. One of the essential factors in ensuring demand is a location close to a ski resort. Inventory, business space, insurance, and staff salaries are typically the most significant expenses. To better understand your financial estimates, we recommend looking at our guide to financial planning and budgeting →

Do I need ski rental software?

It is strongly recommended that you start using ski and snowboard rental software from the early days of your business. Ski rental software allows you to manage your whole business in one place instead of several apps and spreadsheets. This gives you a better overview of your business and helps you control the rental operation more accurately.

During the high season, ski shops are bustling, and managing all the online, walk-in, e-mail, and phone reservations become quickly overwhelming without a software solution. Ski rental software helps you automate many manual tasks, which will save you and your team time, nerves, and money.

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