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Your customers' adventures are awaiting. With Rentle RV Rental Software, you have the power to make your customers' experience unforgettable from the first click on your website to the return of the vehicle.

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The essentials for RV rentals

Sales channels

Rent and sell online, in your store, and basically wherever your customers are. With Rentle, you get a ready-made website with a built-in online booking system, and sales tools for your store - all seamlessly connected so you will never get overbooked.

Product catalog

Create products you want to sell and rent to your customers. You can add vehicles for rent, merchandise for sale, and services to complete the whole experience. Flexible.

Inventory management

Build your own processes to keep your RV rental fleet in order, track the usage, and prevent overbooking. Availability, maintenance notes, and usage details are right there at your fingertips, making fleet management effortless.


Accept online payments and reserve security deposits easily with Rentle Payments. We provide a secure checkout and support credit card payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods depending on your country.

Recommended for RV rental businesses

Some call them apps or features, we call them Building Blocks. Use Rentle Blocks to make Rentle fit perfectly your needs.

Booking Extension

Help your customers to experience more by allowing them to extend their rentals on the go


Checkout Field

Ask for any additional information you need, such as driver's licence number, during checkout


Custom Payments

Add more options for payments happening outside of Rentle, such as invoices


Get a better overview of your daily operations


Discount Codes

Create campaigns and reward your customers

Maintenance Times

Reserve time for vehicle maintenance and cleaning between bookings

Start for free and choose your plan later

No credit card required

We apply an automatic 50% discount to your subscription for every month you made less than $1,000 in sales.

Your monthly revenue



Best for exploring a new business opportunity

Best for exploring a new business opportunity

$ 0 0 USD /mo


Best for new businesses starting to sell online

Best for new businesses starting to sell online

$ 39 19.50 USD /mo


Best for growing businesses selling online and in-store

$ 79 39.50 USD /mo


Best for scaling businesses that require many features

$ 399 199.50 USD /mo

Compared to the number of bookings that we got before, we have experienced huge growth after starting to use Rentle.

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Learn more about renting RVs

How do I rent RVs online?
You need a website optimized for online bookings to start renting RVs online. RV rental software like Rentle makes this easy for you.

First, add the products and services you want to rent and sell to Rentle and determine the quantities in Rentle's inventory management system. That way, your availabilities are always up to date, and you don't get overbooked. Next, set up your payment options so your customers can book and pay their rentals in advance.

Once everything is set up, you can embed Rentle to your existing website or use Rentle as a standalone website.
How do I start an RV rental business?
Starting an RV rental business requires a lot of planning, preparation, and setting up processes. First, you need to make a business plan. Your business plan includes a description of your business, market and competitor analysis, financial plan, and marketing plan. It is also essential to consider how you will organize your processes, such as fleet management, order processing, and vehicle service on your site.
How do I advertise my RV for rent?
The best way to advertise your RV for rent depends on your knowledge, resources, and the size of operation.

If you have one motorhome that you rent out occasionally, an RV rental marketplace like Outdoorsy might be the best option for you. Marketplaces do all the advertising for you, but the downside is that marketplaces typically charge hefty commissions, and your vehicle competes against all the other listed vehicles.

More established RV rental businesses with the knowledge and resources can utilize several cost-effective marketing strategies to acquire customers.
Is an RV rental business profitable?

Generally, RV rentals can be very profitable and enjoy high profit margins. Still, just like with any company, profitability comes down to your business's income and expenditure structure. It is also worth noting that the demand for RV rental is seasonal in many countries, which should be considered when assessing the business's revenue & profit potential.

Incomes are primarily determined by whether there is a demand for RV rental services in your area. One of the essential factors in ensuring demand is location. The financing costs of the rental fleet, business space, insurance, and staff salaries are typically the most significant expenses. To better understand your financial estimates, we recommend looking at our guide to financial planning and budgeting →

Do I need RV rental software?

It is strongly recommended that you start using RV rental software from the early days of your business. Rental management software allows RV rental operators to manage reservations, rental fleet, and other areas of the business in one place instead of spreading all the information across several apps and spreadsheets. This gives a better overview of the business and complete control of the rental operation.

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