Sell what your customers want

Match the way your customers want to buy or rent

Rent products

You can offer your customers an opportunity to choose between buying or renting your products. Rentle has everything you need to launch a rental business, whether you're starting a new company or expanding your company to rentals.

Rent products

Sell products

Increase customer value by providing a combination of a rental and sales offering.

Sell refurbished products

Increase the profit margin and extend your products’ life cycle by selling them as refurbished. It’s better for you, the people, and the environment.

Sell refurbished products
Sell services

Sell services

Sell services that help your customers make the most out of the products they buy or rent from you. You can sell different types of services such as tours, courses, tickets, and gift cards.

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Best for new businesses who are starting to sell online

$ 39 USD /mo


Best for growing businesses who are selling online and in-store

$ 79 USD /mo


Best for scaling businesses that require multiple features

$ 399 USD /mo
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