Manage all your orders in one place

Get products to your customers when and where they want.

Confident order management and fulfillment



View all your orders from every sales channel in one place, and stay one step ahead. Organize your days in advance by knowing how many orders are leaving and returning.


Speed up your order fulfillment, mark orders as prepared, and send them quickly on their way.

Manage and edit

Make actions to existing orders and have accurate information on what’s been fulfilled, edited, refunded, or returned.



Avoid human errors and work more efficiently by using barcodes and scanners when processing orders that are leaving or returning.


Monitor your stock levels in real-time and receive a warning if you're about to oversell.


Local pick-ups

Serve walk-in, call-in, and mail-in customers at scale using Rentle’s in-store tools. Help your customers choose a local pick-up at checkout without causing harm to the rest of the operation.



Delivery areas

Help your customers find where the delivery service is available.

Delivery rates

Charge a fee for your delivery service and customize rates for different areas.

Delivery schedules

Predefine delivery slots and help your customers choose when they're waiting for you to arrive.

Delivery preparation

Have your local delivery orders, instructions, and carrier information in one place.

Cancellations, returns, and refunds

React to the change in plans

Insurance contract

Cancellation policies

Increase your customers’ confidence with a cancellation policy that’s friendly for both you and them.

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Returning products

Simplify and keep track of returned products. Process returns at scale by using Rentle’s bulk return features.


Refunding orders

Issue partial or full refunds on canceled or returned orders.

"We figured out that the time customers spend inside the shop queuing, waiting, and fitting the equipment was significantly reduced."

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Ossi P. | Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara



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