Track your rentals, recognise the best selling products and build more profitable processes with loyal customers.

Intelligent rental tracking

All of your rentals are automatically tracked, analysed and presented to you in a visual & understandable way.

Rentle helps you to understand your:

  • Most profitable products
  • Most profitable customer segments
  • Inventory usage levels


Data-driven mindset

We help you to understand what has happened & what will happen in the future.

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Inventory reporting

Easily see your products, their rental cycle, usage levels and the current value for your inventory.


Sales reporting

Understandable sales and accounting reports to guide your business decisions.


Analysis & forecasting

Understand your pricing models and scenarios, daily activities - and we are constantly building more forecasting functionalities.


Channel analytics

During 2020 we publish support for Google Analytics and more. Then you can understand, how your marketing campaigns convert online & in-store.


Visual approach

It is our job to make stuff easy to understand for you - so that you can make the best and educated follow-up actions.


Customer insight

In a GDPR compliant way we show you, who are your most profitable segments? Who are your advocates?


Understand you customer segments.

With customer understanding you are able to provide even better service.


See what are most popular products right now, and promote them to the right customers.


Location engagement data shows when and where do your customer rent and return equipment. 


Plan marketing campaigns based on real data on what experiences your customers really enjoy.


Rentle's GDPR compliant consumer insight pool helps you offer better experiences for your customers.

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