Go digital

Enjoy the benefits and stress free operation made possible by digital automation.

Digital rental management

With Rentle consumers agree to rental terms in a digital way. For your rental shop this means that:

  • Renting is faster & more efficient.
  • All of you contracts are stored in a secure way.
  • Rental terms are effortless to update.
  • Contracts support multiple languages out of the box.

Digital Inventory

We got you covered when it comes to doing, tracking and optimising your inventory.


Item tracking

Create your equipment individual IDs and be aware of where your equipment is in real-time even on an individual level. 


Usage data

Recognise the most popular products in your rental shop. Know, how many times each product has been rented out and base your decisions on data.


Maintenance management

Extend the lifetime and increase the resale value of your rental equipment by giving them service regularly. Rentle provides you with accurate information when your pieces of equipment are in the need for maintenance.


Barcode support

Barcodes are the easiest and fastest way to track your items on an individual level. Rentle's intelligent barcode support will make your days as easy as scanning a barcode.


Multi-location support

Does your rental business have multiple locations and a shared inventory? No problem - Rentle tracks where your pieces of equipment are moving and keeps the local inventories up-to-date in real-time.


Future looking

Your inventory is always up to date and linked to your bookings. You can check availabilities into the future, so you can rent your equipment without worry - even if you just have one of item type. 


Optimise your customer experience

Going digital helps you to focus on your customers.


Rentle's digital check-in is the modern way of welcoming customers to your rental shop. Digital, scalable and hassle-free.


Learn from every rental and customers. Offer personalised customer service and additional services for based on segments.


Enable smooth experience for returning customers. Give them product recommendations based on their previous visit and provide them with faster check-in.


Include detailed product information to help your customers choose exactly the equipment they need for the best possible rental experience. 

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