Better way of rental management.

Decrease the amount of manual work and enable growth by automating the rental operations.

Schedule rentals with precise accuracy and optimise the capacity of your rental shop

Utilise your whole capacity and track inventory in real time. Control the maintenance periods of your products easily and temporarily pull aside the products that need maintenance.

By recognising the best selling products you can increase the capacity where there is demand and trim from products constantly being left on the rack.

Booking calendar

Leave the paper contracts behind

Rentle's digital rental contract is dynamic meaning it always takes shape according to the situation and rental product. It is easily available when needed, and is safely stored as long as you need. Forget the inconveniences of paper contracts.

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Payment solution for rentals and sales

Coming in 2019

Rentle offers rental companies a unique payment solution and point of sales system. Accept payments online and in-store, take deposits, enable time-based pricing, and much more. With our all-in-one solution, you don't need another payment provider.

Payment solution

Seamless rental experiences

Serve your customers online or offline.
Recognise your customers' preferences and offer personalised service.

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Your online store only a few clicks away

Serve your customers whenever and where ever with Rentle's online store. By engaging your customers in advance, you will avoid the unpleasant no-show customers. Rentle's online store is integrated into your booking calendar and inventory so that your multi-channel sales process won't cause double bookings. Start growing your business today -  your online store could be up and running in minutes. 

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Online store

Fluent in-store rental experience

Ease the peak hour stress by automating the most time consuming rental operations and making the booking, payment, and returning of the rentals more effortless. With Rentle, you will save hours of your valuable time while your customers are having better rental experiences.

Customer insight

Improve your customer knowledge and provide a more personalised rental experience

Collect data from every rental and learn to know your customers better. With Rentle, you can truly develop your business with data and knowledge for instance by recognising the best selling products and the most loyal customers. Utilise the knowledge to offer personalised customer service for different customer segments and offering more suitable additional services. Make your after marketing efforts more successful and grow your sales!

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