From retailing to renting.

In the e-book, we cover the following topics:

What is access economy?

The concept of the access economy is defined and explained through examples. Furthermore we explain, what is separating the access economy from the sharing economy? Find out from the e-book.

What drives the change from ownership to access-based services?

Modern consumers are looking for experiences rather than ownership of material possession. After reading this issue, you will have a better understanding of the driving forces behind access economy.

The commercial potential of access-based services.

We observe both renting and retailing from the perspective of gross profit margin and operational efficiency of using the physical assets of the company.

What to consider when you're new to starting rental operations?

For those, who are interested in starting rental operations, we have included a practical checklist of things that should be taken into account when operating a rental business.

$ 670bn

Estimated size of access economy market in 2025.

263 %

Estimated revenue growth of access economy companies 2013-2025.

57 %

Share of consumers who think access is the new ownership.

Access is the new ownership.

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