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West Coast Gear switches to Rentle for its growth opportunities

West Coast Gear is a technical outdoor gear rental company located on the west coast of Canada. By partnering with Rentle, they look forward to making accessing the outdoors even easier both locally, and internationally.

Providing equal access to the Canadian outdoors

West Coast Gear was founded at the beginning of 2020 with the mission to provide international visitors access to the outdoors and all the camping gear they need in an economical way. They want to make sure everyone, from beginners to experienced campers, from locals to international visitors, has an equal opportunity to experience the beautiful west coast of Canada.

Because of the timing of the pandemic, West Coast Gear has been mainly providing locals with camping gear for different, smaller trails. At the same time, they’re working on partnerships and ways to support local businesses that are interested in the outdoors. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Johann Boraks, the founder of West Coast Gear, and talking about why he decided to move to Rentle. 


1 location, 1 mobile unit, 3 pick-up/drop-off locations


100+ rental items


2 person team

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Making the move to an all-in-one platform

Before Rentle, West Coast Gear tried out other, similar solutions to Rentle, which unfortunately didn’t meet their needs. Instead, they found a solution by piecing together different plugins through WordPress and Woocommerce. 

‘’The reason why I’m moving towards Rentle is because it’s really simple and user friendly, and it's much less intimidating and more straightforward than the version that I have made with the plugins,’’ comments Johann. 

While this was a functional, albeit temporary solution, West Coast Gear decided to move forward with Rentle thanks to our flexible payment plan, as well as the possibility of embedding the platform across various, even international websites. 

‘’Having the ability to pool all of these different rentals under one management system is also something I’m looking forward to.’’ 

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Rentle simplifies processes and improves customer experiences

Despite the process of switching over to our rental tool having some bumps in the road and some work still to be done, Johann is looking forward to using Rentle thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. 

‘’We’re looking at the company not necessarily as providing a service, but integrating the rental into the story of the person renting - so it’s the ability to access the outdoors and whatever adventure they want,’’ says Johann.

Because renting is the backbone of the entire customer experience, Johann mentions that things like our discount codes, seamless check-out, deposits, and webhooks are instrumental in designing an experience where people can enjoy the West Coast. Of course, in addition to the customer experience, these features tie into things like content promotion, referrals, follow-ups with customers, and so on, which will help the company grow and succeed. 

The future's looking bright, as West Coast Gear is planning on expanding internationally and locally, offering rentals from third parties, and incorporating a larger pool of products and trips with the help of local businesses. 

‘’As I plan on expanding in the future, I think Rentle is a really good long-term investment,’’ sums up Johann. 


Visit West Coast Gear's official website and their rental store.

Photo credit: West Coast Gear Ca.

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