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Metripe is building a click & collect ecosystem boosted with rental functionalities

We are excited to announce our partnership with Metripe, a click & collect model platform and a tool rental service. After starting their operations with Rentle, we will continue supporting their click & collect network, as well as help manage their rental business operations.

Enabling easy and comfortable rental services

Metripe was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing the most functional and smooth click & collect platform and network of parcel lockers for other rental businesses. 

The founder, Teijo Taipale, believes that consumers deserve to be able to access services whenever it’s most comfortable for them, without having to go out of their way to get the products they need. As a way to prove that the click and collect model for rental businesses works, Metripe started also offering tool rental services. 

‘’Our goal is to enable the widest range of rental services through our click and collect platform. While our tool rental service is an important part of Metripe, its purpose is to work as a practical example and demo for other rental businesses that are interested in adapting the click-and-collect model.’’


Tampere, Finland

store-2-line (2)

5 locations


24/7 service hours


Metripe kickstarts its operations with Rentle

Metripe partnered up with Rentle immediately as they started their rental operations. With the market being filled with different e-commerce and retail platforms, it was challenging to find a platform that is better suited for a rental business.

With Rentle, Metripe gained an all-in-one e-commerce software that takes care of all renting-related processes. An important benefit of Rentle is the easy connectivity to other, already-existing systems. 

‘’My decision to go with Rentle was based on the quality of customer service, the whole onboarding process was smooth and during this whole period of working with Rentle the support has been amazing. Rentle goes the extra-mile to make things happen.’’ 

Saving time and offering a smooth experience with Rentle 

Together with Rentle, Metripe has been able to offer its customers a much smooth and easy renting experience. However, the biggest impact Metripe has experienced after taking Rentle into use is the time-saving aspect. Thanks to Rentle, Teijo has been able to relocate his time and focus on developing Metripe as a click-and-collect platform for other rental businesses even further.

‘’While there is still room for development when it comes to conversion tracking and assisting our marketing efforts, Rentle’s operations have been agile and smooth. Hopefully the development will continue along the same path.’’


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