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Laajis enjoys the simplicity of all-in-one rental software

Laajis is a versatile outdoor destination located in the capital of Middle-Finland, Jyväskylä. Their location right next to the city center makes it a popular leisure and hobby resort for the locals, but the top-class venues for outdoor activities attract guests from further away as well.

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Laajis offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities to experience outdoors. During the winter, ski resort services such as rentals and ski schools are naturally in high demand. In contrast, in the summertime, Laajis' famous bike park, adventure course, and disc golf facilities enjoy popularity among customers. In addition, Laajis' sells and manages guided tours and ski lift tickets through Rentle.

The Ski Resort Association of Finland (SHKY) acknowledged the great work done at Laajis by rewarding it as the best urban resort of the 2018-2019 season.


Too complex tool stack

Laajis was Rentle’s first pilot customer back in 2018. Lasse Niivuori, the managing director of Laajis, was looking for suitable rental software for a couple of years but could not find one before Rentle. Even though Rentle could not tackle all the operational challenges at Laajis at first, Lasse and his team were convinced of Rentle's vision and direction in which Rentle developed the software.

Before using Rentle, Laajis utilized several digital tools and apps such as Google Calendar, Trello, and Gravityforms for managing reservations, Google Sheets for inventory management and maintenance, and Skiperformance for selling tickets and courses online.

Needless to say that running a business with too many apps becomes complex at some point. With Rentle, Laajis has been able to simplify daily operations by replacing all the above-mentioned applications with one software.

Simplicity through all-in-one software

Laajis has adapted to using Rentle step by step. First, the company started improving the on-site rental experience by utilizing Rentle's check-in kiosks. Soon after, online rentals and payments followed, and the latest functions transferred to Rentle are ski school management and ski lift tickets. Today, Rentle is Laajis' most important ERP and ecommerce software. 

Niivuori says that the most crucial feature of business software for Laajis is the simple and easy usability for the employees. Laajis has many seasonal and part-time employees, so if the software is too complicated to use, educating the staff becomes an impossible task.


If the backoffice user experience is too complicated, slow or otherwise bad, we are on a very shaky ground. A good user experience ensures that we’re able to simplify and improve our processes and not the other way round.


Niivuori is also happy with Rentle’s customer support. According to him, the response to requests and problems is immediate and appreciative, and challenges are solved together. He also points out that the more critical function software is solving, the more important customer support is.

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