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Ounasvaara Ski Resort is located just next to the city of Rovaniemi. With only a few minutes drive outside the city center, Ounasvaara has a significant role as an outdoor recreational location for the locals but also for the growing number of tourists who visit Lapland and want to try skiing during their stay. Both customer groups provide high demand for ski school and rental services.

The history of Ounasvaara Ski Resort goes back to the 1940s when the German alpine troops cleared the hill from trees to practice alpine skiing during their secondment in Lapland. The first ski lift was built in the 1950s. Nowadays, the Ski Resort is operated by Lapland Hotels and offers activities all year round. During the winter, visitors can enjoy 13 slopes and over 100 kilometers of ski trails, and in the summer, outdoor enthusiasts can hit the routes of Ounasvaara Bike Park.

Ounasvaara decided to take Rentle into use to improve their check-in process and inventory management. First year using Rentle, Ounavaara was constantly breaking their month on month sales records by 20-30%. On a daily basis, the rental shop at Ounasvaara served approximately 200 individual customers per day, and turning over their inventory up to twice per day.

We interviewed the shop manager, Ossi Pesonen, from Ounasvaara Ski Resort and talked about their experiences with Rentle.

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Key to a successful software introduction

"Based on my experience, the most important thing in a rental software is an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, both for the customer and the employee user."

In general, the employees learned to use Rentle fast, and the usual nervousness that occurs when making changes to your old routines disappeared once customers started to roll in, and the new software proved its benefits in use. And whenever there have been difficulties, the employees of the rental shop have not feared to use the help of customer support chat.

"Every time we have faced any sort of issues with the software, the customer support has provided us with a clear solution or an accurate schedule when the issue will be solved. Transparent and fast customer support that Rentle provides is inevitable for us, especially during the busiest days of the season.", Pesonen says.

Dealing with multiple unique situations and customer needs was made easy with the ability to modify almost everything on the fly. Furthermore, suitable product recommendations have improved the customer experience, and the effect has also shown in the growing sales numbers.

Obviously, the software does not do anything by itself. The way Ounasvaara has made the most of rental software's benefits and reacted to new learnings creatively has had an important role in the successful digital transformation. By relocating their focus from paperwork and cashier activities to assisting customers, Ounasvaara has had the opportunity to switch to a more customer-focused approach. Consequently, this has impacted the sales and efficiency of the shop.

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I can definitely recommend Rentle to other rental shops. It’s pointless to bother yourself with the paperwork anymore plus having a clear and real-time overview of the inventory is a big benefit for us and most likely to other rental shops as well.

Ossi Pesonen - Shop Manager Ounasvaara Ski Resort

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