Solutions Engineer

Remote, Espoo - Southern Finland / FULL-TIME

Solutions Engineer, Frontend Developer, Fullstack Developer... There exists a plethora of names for you. But in essence you enjoy putting your hands in the dirt and creating scalable production-level solutions utilizing your know-how in relevant technologies. 

At Rentle you define and implement the ways for rental businesses to make better digital business with modern technologies. Your solutions will enable someone to start, manage or grow their business - you are their guardian angel. Your solutions are used by millions of consumers annually and your work is the smoothest moment of someone's day.

Who: You have solid experience with JavaScript and production-level systems. You are not afraid to tackle complex problems. You appreciate free-time, and might take a day off to “go surfing” as you never know when the perfect weather comes along. 

What: Your responsibilities are various. You implement business critical frontend functionalities and create scalable backend tasks to improve Rentle's ability to bring more functionalities to life.

When: We start interviews when the first application comes in. Roles are filled when we find a good fit. The starting date is flexible, but we prioritise ability to jump on board as soon as possible.

If this is you - read on. Not sure what a Solutions Engineer mindset is? The people at has defined it quite well:


You will be working on

  • Building the technical architecture and front-end implementation that solves our customers' business needs such as building a white-label e-commerce solution, automating back-office operations, building inventory automation and analysis, implementing new payment methods and so on.

  • Improving our public API & Webhooks offering

  • Creating new integrations with our enterprise customers and partners

  • Improving our internal tools and analytics

  • Refactoring our frontend when it comes to your path. You might for example make it use new approaches in local or server state management

What we expect

You can be a front-, backend or fullstack person as long as you have experience working with production-level codebases. We are not only looking for the best coder out there - but value also how you approach new unknowns and work in a team.

What technical skills we look for:

  • Experience implementing complex services with modern web technologies (JavaScript/TypeScript and React)

  • You are somewhat familiar with our other technology stack (check below).

  • You write maintainable, reusable and testable code, and have opinions on technological decisions.

  • Bonus: You have an interest to DevOps or system architecture

  • Bonus: You are UX-minded, and have an eye for design. We value people who can give feedback on design decisions as well.

We also value the following soft skills:

  • You are not afraid to tackle complex problems, and can lead yourself - you also know when to ask for help

  • You like working in a team, and can communicate fluently in an international team via remote tools such as Slack

  • You enjoy learning new things in your domain, and share them to others. We keep ourselves up-to-date with all things tech.

  • You are proactive and interested to improve development processes and the ways of working

  • Bonus: You have an active lifestyle and might take a day off to go hiking, biking, skiing or surfing when the weather is nice (or boost our Managing Director at CS:GO when the weather is bad).

What we offer

Our product team is a growing team of 10 people with a 50-50 split between development and design. We use agile working methods, and follow company-wide quarterly goals to frame our short-term roadmap and daily work. We allocate ~20% of our time into testing new technologies and "B-side" ideas/tools/tech.


  • React, Redux for web frontend

  • Material UI as main frontend component toolkit

  • Typescript as go-to programming language in the codebase

  • Node + Express in the server-side

  • Jest for unit tests, Playwright for e2e tests

  • Google Cloud as main development and infrastructure platform

  • Serverless backend solutions using Cloud Functions and App Engine

  • Firestore as the main NoSQL database

  • Cloud Build and GitHub Actions as CI

  • Prettier to stop fights about formatting


Salary and benefits:

  • Competitive salary and option program
  • Equipment that doesn't get in your way
  • Healthcare and insurances + other employer responsibilities
  • We don't have a fridge full of craft beer or a pool table at the office. When working from our office we do enjoy complementary snacks and drinks. But we focus our cultural investments mainly towards sports, e-gaming and other benefits that support you and your family on your free time.

How to apply?

Please apply by sending your CV (or another way to get to know you) and a few words to We value if you can also provide any link where we could already see some of your code (GitHub, portfolio, app you’ve created).

Talk to you soon!

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