Redefine the meaning of commerce with us

We empower merchants to expand their commerce from unit sales to service, from ownership to access.

The way we consume goods is changing. We don't care about owning stuff. Actually, it's often an unnecessary burden. We care about the experience and the outcome. To put it simply, it’s about what we can do, not what we own.

But today's commerce software is almost exclusively designed for selling ownership, not access. To grow sales via quantity, not quality. This makes it unnecessarily complicated for both customers and businesses to discover the vast potential of outside ownership.

Our platform empowers merchants to expand their commerce from unit sales to service, from ownership to access. Join us in shaping the way we understand the meaning of commerce tomorrow.

What we offer

Fair compensation

Yes – a pretty basic checkbox to tick off. All our full-time employees are entitled to a competitive salary and an option package.

Work-life balance

Most of us have a lifestyle that we are 'quite' passionate about. Skiing, windsurfing, sailing, coding, painting, CrossFit, or hiking. Whatever the case, sometimes it goes before work – and we understand & support this.

Relaxed atmosphere

Are you passionate or growth-minded at what you do? Good. So are we – so we can leave the titles somewhere else and focus on the interesting and important stuff.


We provide you with healthcare and think of your well-being. Start-ups can be hectic at times, and it is our collective responsibility to look after each other. Work remotely or have a sick day if needed – there is no need to ask for permission.


We provide our customers with the latest technologies to power their businesses. This means that we need to update our know-how constantly. Therefore, your Udemy courses, seminars, books, and other educational expenses are covered.


When we say that everyone should visit a customer regularly – we mean that. Traveling is usually fun, especially as we offer you travel insurance, which also covers your private trips (and activities like skiing during them).

Paid annual leave

Our full-time employees are entitled to 5-week paid annual leave and a holiday bonus.

Working tools

The computer, phone, and other tools and software you need to succeed in your work are all on us.

Remote work

While we love having chats at the office, ad-hoc brainstorming sessions, and after-work drinks, we offer the possibility to work remotely as long as you have enough overlapping office hours with the rest of the team.