Organizing your AV and camera rentals

Everything you need to start, run, and grow your rental business.

Beautifully simple AV rental software.

Scheduling orders, tracking inventory, and keeping the gear in good condition is a lot of work.

Rentle's AV and camera rental software is here to relieve your workload and free up your time - so you can focus on enabling your customers a successful shooting day.

Streamlining your rental process.

Rentle is packed with powerful features with only one purpose. To help you make sure that production has the equipment available when needed.

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Online bookings

Use online bookings to commit your customers and to secure revenue in advance, even outside your opening hours.

Rentle comes with an online store allowing you to have your offering available online with always real-time resource availability.


Package & set products

Sometimes it is more convenient to rent AV equipment as a set that consists of multiple items.

Rentle makes it is easy to bundle products to packages and define their own separate pricing. The availability of the set product is automatically calculated based on the items in the package.


Maintenance management

You want to add automatic maintenance times for a product e.g. to make sure that you have sufficient time to clean up the lenses and charge batteries before the next customer.

Rentle lets you define product-specific time buffer before and after each rental to reduce the risk of double bookings.



Barcode scanning

Utilizing barcode scanners makes reading large amounts of data into the system fast and efficient.

Rentle supports barcode scanning as an input method to make item tracking and order fulfillment frictionless and fast.


Automatic product recommendations

Make your customers’ rental experience complete by recommending relevant add-ons.

You can customize the recommendations for each individual product or set and help your customers get everything they need.  


Delivery management

You want to serve customers who can’t visit your shop or transport the equipment directly to the filming location.

With Rentle’s delivery handling options you are not limited by your own location, allowing you to extend your reach.


Reports & Insights

You would like to have detailed knowledge of your most used equipment, best sellers, and most profitable customer segments.

By tracking your rentals with Rentle, you're able to accelerate growth with sound decisions on your business based on data. 


Security deposits

Add comfort and peace of mind by charging a security deposit when renting out your expensive gear.

Rentle’s security deposits are a customer-friendly way to rent out your most expensive items without worry. Automatically capture and release the deposit before and after the rental.


Compared to other more expensive software I have used for resource management in the past, Rentle is years ahead in usability.

Sam M. - Hires Manager Tabs Are For Flying

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