Speed up your customer service with this simple trick

by Akseli L.

14 March 2020

In this blog, we present a practical tip that can help you manage crowds in your rental shop during the peak season. The check-in kiosks that Rentle offers, which are usually placed near the entrance and used for collecting orders and customer information also run on people's own mobile devices. Thus, you can potentially multiply the number of check-in points in your rental shop, making the information collection exponentially faster. And all this comes with a bonus: better hygiene as people don't need to touch screens that dozens of other people have touched before. 

The hack is fast, easy, and cheap to carry out.

  1. The check-in interface offered by Rentle is basically a website, meaning that it has a unique URL address. Everyone can easily generate QR-codes from URL addresses with any of the free QR-code generator that can be found from the Internet. Here's one, for example: https://www.qr-code-generator.com/
  2. Go to your Rentle's shop settings and open the channels tab. You should see a page that looks like this: 
    check-in URL
  3. Click the icon that's circled in the screenshot above to copy the unique website address of your shop's check-in point.
  4. Go to the QR-code generator website that you find the best.
  5. Paste the copied website address to the specific field to generate a unique QR-code. Then, download the QR-code as a JPG or PNG. 
  6. Open the downloaded QR-code file with the tablet computers at your check-in or print the QR-code on a paper. Print as many as you feel is enough.
  7. Instruct people to open their smart phone's camera application, and point to the QR-code. Most smart phones recognize the QR-code automatically and opens the website. If for one reason or another this doesn't work, instruct your customers to type the website address in the web browser they are using.

Let's enjoying equipment rentals safely while enhancing the customer experience by reducing the queuing time! Help your customers to avoid unnecessary touching of impure surfaces by helping them to use their own mobile devices to rent their gear.

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