Published on Nov 29, 2019

Product update: Introducing the dashboard

In the product development front, we have again published a bunch of new features and enhancements to the old ones. Here's a short overview of the most important new features and updates in Rentle.

Dashboard for incoming and outgoing rentals


🔄Dashboard view shows the state of outgoing and returning rentals.

The dashboard can be accessed from the left navigation bar. It gives a real-time image of the rental volumes which can be observed in daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The purpose is to help rental shops to recognise the most active hours of the day, days of the weeks, and months.

Ability to add and delete people in rentals


Use the icon in the top right corner to add people in the active rentals.

Earlier it has already been possible to add and delete products, edit customer information, and change product ID during the rental. Now that people can be added and removed, the active rentals are fully editable.

Updated product card design in online store (UI enhancement)


In the settings of sales channels, it is possible to choose between two different styles of "cards". The one on the left suits well for icons and images with white or transparent background. The one on the right suits well for real-life photos with action. Go ahead and try different styles and choose your favourite!

Channel based pricing


💻Channel based pricing adds pricing options.

Channel based pricing enables customers to hide pricing options from specific sales channels. Many pricing related use cases can be solved with this feature.

For example, as in the image above, a rental shop wants to receive only 1+ day rentals via the online shop. So they have hidden the 3-hour rental period from online.

Another common use case is that rental shops want to offer a small discount for customers who rent online. This can be done by creating duplicates from every rental period alternative, and adjusting the price accordingly for each channel.

Applying the channel based pricing happens from the pricing table.

Filtering rentals by payment status


In the rentals view, it is possible to filter active rentals based on their payment status. Also, it is now possible to see the payment status of a rental order without opening the card. Hope you like it and find it useful. 😊

Multi-location support is getting closer

We have been publishing features supporting multi-location management one by one. Earlier, we have informed for example about the location selector in the online shop and location support of the self-service points. Now we have added the possibility to create individual inventories for each of your location.

If a shop has multiple locations, users are able to define to which location each particular stock item belongs to and for bulk products how many products exist in each location.

NOTE: the location specific quantities are not yet linked to the availability calculations, so for example the online availability is still calculated from all the stock items the current shop has.

Ability to mark inventory item as sold (MVP)


When you're managing the inventory, you're able to mark items as sold, which means they are also not taken into account for at availability calculations.

NOTE: The identifier for the sold item is not yet made available for re-use, this will be tackled with upcoming versions.

Localisation updates

We have updated the Swedish online translations, and made smaller updates to english admin side translations to make them more understandable. Also, we have made small tweaks to Russian translations and added Russian as one alternative for customers in the online shop.

Smaller fixes and improvements

As always, we fix bugs and do smaller improvements on daily basis to make the user experience of Rentle as smooth as possible.

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