Published on Nov 11, 2021

Product update: New POS support, Skidata photo upload, and more

The month of October has brought along new exciting updates and improvements. The product development team focused on getting POS system support with Solteq Cloud, Skidata photo upload support, a new language, and more.

Let’s take a look at what our development team has brought to you this time around:

What's new

Added Solteq Cloud POS support

We added support for Solteq Cloud POS, which is an easy-to-use cloud-based point-of-sale system especially well suited for retail stores, events, self-service needs, and more. Integrating Cloud POS with your Rentle account enables you to scan Rentle booking receipts in Cloud POS and open orders for payments.

For now, the integration needs to be enabled manually by us - if you are interested, send us a message on our chat or email us at

Support for Skidata photo upload during lift ticket purchase


If you are using SKIDATA to sell lift tickets, our product development team has good news for you. You can now ask your customers to upload a photo of themselves for a ticket seamlessly as part of the checkout process.

This is especially handy when selling seasonal and multi-day tickets where a photo of the ticket holder is required for verification. The uploaded photo is automatically associated with the SKIDATA ticket, so customers can proceed directly to the gate - no need to have the photo taken separately on location.

What's improved

Improved Reports

One of our bigger improvements was done to the Accounting section. We removed the limitation that stores could only retrieve accounting reporting until the current day. For many businesses, it’s important to get their hands on future sales reports, for example. This is why now, you're able to get your accounting reports also for the upcoming months. These will show your upcoming sales, making it easier to close your books.

Additionally, we improved the overall report filters. You’ll be able to filter based on store location, bookings, sales, refunds, payment fees, and their breakdowns.

→ You can access all of your reports under Account > Accounting > Reports.

Improved language support: introducing Estonian


As our growth continues, we continue bringing new languages to Rentle that will help you to run your operations more comfortably, and provide a better rental experience to your customers. The Estonian language is now supported in all of our channels: online store, in-store, and the account admin view. In other words, you and your customers can now experience Rentle fully in Estonian!

→ To enable Estonian for your account, visit Account > Languages > Select the default language for your store, and add other translations to your channels. 

→ To change the language for your account’s admin side, visit Account > Profile > Settings.

Smaller fixes & improvements

Shared products: Instead of a large banner, shared products are now highlighted with a special tag.

Improved mobile check-out: We changed the color for the "show order summary" in checkout for mobile, so that it's easier to spot.

Improved copy in admin: We improved various help texts throughout the application to make it more clear what each setting does.

Fixed expired booking views: Fixed an issue where "in use" was shown for a product code ID even if the start time was clashing with a booking that was already expired.

As always, for more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don’t hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at

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