Published on Oct 9, 2019

Product update: Customisable branding and other product development news

A lot of features and small fixes were pushed in production during the last week. Here are the latest news in a nutshell from the product development front:

Custom branding for online store and check-in kiosks

Rental shops are now able to customise their customer interfaces (online store and self-checkin). Shops can edit the theme colour, button style and select between uppercase and lowercase button text to make the customer interfaces more personalised and uniform with their own brand guideline.

custom branding

🎨 Rental shops can customise for example the highlight colour in their customer interfaces. 

Automatic DIN calculation

DIN value is a numeric value to help reduce the chances of injury in Alpine skiing. The basic idea of the feature was presented in the previous product development update.

Now that the feature is deployed, we can tell a bit more about it. To use the automatic DIN calculation, ski rental shops must fill the sole length for every ski boot and select what DIN formula to use. Currently we support only Atomic's official formula but are adding more options later.

Note: Rentle does not take responsibility of the binding settings. 

automatic DIN calculator

Payment status

Shops will now have a possibility to see the payment status of rentals (paid/unpaid). If the shop uses Rentle's payment handling, the status updates automatically. Otherwise, the status can be updated manually.

payment status

On the right side of the rental card admins can see whether the rental is paid or unpaid. With Rentle's payment handling the status updates automatically. Otherwise, the status can be updated manually.

Speed improvement

The product availability fetching is now 10x faster in the online store.

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