Published on Oct 7, 2020

Product update: API, discount codes, and more

While the last couple of months our product updates have been mostly about performance improvements, we’re excited to showcase what our team has deployed during September. Last month's product development updates include new features, new integration possibilities, and discount codes. 

With the help from our development team, let’s see what’s new in Rentle and what sort of impact the new updates will have on your online store!

Order extension & repurchase feature

Imagine how easy it would be if your customers could mid-activity take out their phone, and through a confirmation text message link extend their rental time? Well, there’s no need to imagine anything, since now it’s a reality.

One of our biggest updates lately is the order extension feature. It offers an app-like experience which your customers can access through any device is most convenient for them. In the rental overview, they can access their order details through the provided link, see the remaining booking time through the live tracker, extend their order, and go through with their payment during their active rental - all in one interface. 

Check out our more in-depth introduction to this feature in our previous blog post.

repurchase feature

Rentle API & Webhooks

The first versions of our API and Webhooks are now live! They allow connecting Rentle to external services and work as intermediaries between softwares.

The Rentle API can be used for things such as getting your product information from Rentle or sending an order to Rentle programmatically. This is especially useful if you want to make more custom integrations between your other systems and Rentle - for example create your own interface for online orders, and still manage the orders in our system. You can call the order creation API with the order data, and the order is created to Rentle.


With the Rentle Webhooks, you can set automatic triggers on certain Rentle events - like order creation - that can call external services. The Webhooks can be used to directly call your own systems if you have technical understanding, but one of our team's favorite tools is to use Zapier for connecting with Rentle webhooks.

There are so many things you can do with Rentle Webhooks and Zapier, and we’ll be releasing a list of our team’s favorite zaps! This feature is still in beta, but if you would like to start using it already, or would like to understand more about the possibilities be in touch at or via our chat! 

Accounting report improvements

We have made a lot of small improvements to the “Accounting” tab reports - the view where you can get the accounting reports of your online sales activities.

You can now get the reports also for a single shop location, and filter the view to keep only the sections that you and your accountants need. We also made improvements to the report layout when it is printed out.

This will help get a better understanding of how each of your store’s is performing and make managing accounting related tasks easier and more efficient. 

accounting reports view

Discount codes

We’re live with our first version of discount code support! The first version supports creating fixed price discount codes, meaning you can create an unlimited number of promo codes which your customers can use to get a certain amount off of their total order. 

This is still a beta-feature, but if you’re curious to try it out or have any related questions, be in touch with our team either via or our chat.

discount code support

Other news & updates

Order-specific barcode scans

As always, we try to bring small improvements to the product based on the feedback and ideas from our users. This time we made viewing individual orders just a bit faster: scanning a Rentle receipt’s barcode now opens up the specific order without the need to manually search for it in the orders tab. By being able to do this in any view, makes customer service that much easier and smoother. 

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