We heard you: Rentle will have a new, more simple pricing model

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We are here to help merchants around the globe meet the new demand. The demand for renting & selling their offering without friction. All this in one platform that supports the efficient day-to-day operation around the year so that the platform scales according to every merchant's individual growth needs.

As one of the founders of Rentle, I’m excited to announce that we are taking big steps to help you meet the new demand even better. In the coming months, you can expect more exciting news on this front, and as a first step, we have updated our pricing based on the feedback we’ve received from you during our journey. These changes will start to apply to our existing merchants latest from the 5th of June 2022.

For most of you, this means cost savings and more predictable billing. Also, every plan in the new pricing includes an unlimited number of bookings, inventory, products, and users. So you truly can scale your business without worry!

We are super excited to help you grow your business now and even faster in the future!

Continue reading to learn what is going to change.

→ A new, more simple pricing model

One of the requests we’ve received multiple times is to simplify our pricing to meet the complex nature of different industries using Rentle as their commerce platform. After a long and thorough research period with our existing merchants, we move forward with your request by reshaping our subscription plans.

Every plan in our new pricing includes an unlimited number of bookings, inventory, products, and users.

→ What happens to Rentle Core?

We are discontinuing Rentle Core as a plan, taking effect for existing customers from the 5th of June 2022, and introducing more fine-tuned subscription plans called Basic ($39/mo), Grow ($79/mo), and Advanced ($399/mo). To view the differences between the plans, visit our new pricing page.

Customers on Rentle Core and agreed to annual fixed contracts will be moved to Rentle Advanced or Enterprise with their agreed pricing.

Most Rentle Lite customers will stay in a freemium plan. The plan name is just updated to be Rentle Free. Rentle Lite customers subscribed to monthly priced paid add-ons will be migrated to Rentle Basic, which includes the add-ons as part of the plan.

Existing Rentle Core Commission customers subscribed to the 1.90€ /booking commission price will be migrated to the Advanced plan for the cost of the Grow plan for 12 months. That means a minimum of $3,840 in annual discount. In the Advanced plan, you will get the best of what we offer and enjoy the lower Merchant Solution prices, increasing your cost savings even more. This means that you can access services such as payment processing with notably lower costs.

→ Seasonality? No worries – automatic discounts for low-season months

Rentals can be highly seasonal. So for the ones that opt-in to pay on a monthly basis, we offer an extra recurring discount. Whatever your plan is, if you have a month where you make less than $1.000 worth of sales through Rentle, we apply an automatic -50% discount to your next subscription payment without you having to apply for it. That’s our way of acknowledging that a big part of Rentle's value is you actively making sales.

Did we forget something?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve compiled a guide in our Help Center with common questions that you might have. And if you have questions that we didn’t answer, or if you need to downgrade or cancel your subscription – please reach out to support@rentle.io.


Tuomo Laine, co-founder of Rentle

Article written by Tuomo

Tuomo is a Co-Founder and CEO at Rentle.

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