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The most versatile software for bike rental and tour operators.

Renting out bikes and selling tours has never been more simple. With Rentle's cloud-based bike rental software, you have all the tools you need to manage your bike rental shop in one place, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Bike rental management has never been this easy.

Every feature in Rentle has a purpose, making your experience simple and straightforward.

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Inventory tracking & data

Digital inventory allows you to keep track of bike availabilities, save notes and information, and follow usage statistics.

In Rentle, you can store an unlimited amount of inventory items, that can be tracked individually or in bulk.


All sales channels in one place

Because your customers make bookings through various channels, online and offline, you need to have a real-time image of your available bikes and reservations.

Rentle automates your multi-channel sales by keeping the availabilities automatically up to date in real-time and preventing double bookings.


Available in 12 languages

Stand out from your competition by offering service in your customers' language.

Rentle allows you to present equipment information on every customer channel in 12 languages.


Multi-location support

You want to offer your customers the possibility to drop in in one location and drop off in another but keeping track of the local shop availabilities drowns you into admin work.

Worry no more - Rentle tracks where your bikes are moving and keeps the local inventories automatically up-to-date in real-time.


Tours & activities

Your goal is to streamline your operation by managing bike rentals and guided tours in one place.

Rentle automates the equipment booking for tours allowing you to have the optimized number of bikes available for both rentals and tours.


Use with any device

Your work requires you to move a lot between places during the day and you must be able to manage your business from wherever you are.

Rentle works with a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, allowing you to stay operational no matter where you are - making your job more flexible.

sportshop akaslompolo

Compared to the number of bookings that we got before, we have experienced huge growth after starting to use Rentle. Rentle also provides a great experience for our customers which is really important for us.

Jarno H. - Shop Manager, Äkäslompolo Sportshop

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