Building the future of rentals.

We are on a mission of removing friction from renting as a business model.

Rentals are the future. There is no question about it. Consumers are looking for sustainable consumption models, and non-ownership attitudes are becoming increasingly more popular. And we think this is a good thing.

The problem is that the rental industry has long been underserved by modern technology providers. When you walk into a rental shop you are greeted with technology running locally on battle-tested but outdated operating systems - or sometimes just paper and pen. Does this sound like something that will empower experience-driven non-ownership in a global way? Nope.

Current and future rental businesses deserve something better.

Rentle's approach:

Empower by removing friction.

Friction is a force preventing movement. By removing friction from the industry we empower everyone from rental businesses to equipment manufacturers to focus on what they do best - designing & creating experiences.

With less friction, renting as a business model becomes more approachable, profitable and scalable. This means that more businesses can be built around the sustainable consumption model of renting.

The rental industry needs its own set of technologies that take into consideration its specialties and complexity. Rentle is here to provide just that, and helping businesses focus on what is important. We design and offer frictionless solutions for your business. 

We make renting as smooth as selling & buying.

Experiences matter.

And consumers value them.

When you are renting something, you rarely are "just renting". You might be on a vacation, enjoying nature or maybe testing the latest equipment there is. Or you just need something you don't want to buy - but need to get something done.


Nevertheless - you never wake up thinking:


"Today I just want to rent something."

When we design ways to remove unnecessary friction we always think, how can we empower better experiences both for our customers and the end-user. We think this is the key to empowering successful rental businesses.

What are we planning for 2020 and onwards?

You can already create your Rentle shop in under 5 minutes - and we will make this even easier.

You can already provide better renting experiences by using Rentle - and we are excited to publish new ways to make them even better.

Let's together make renting a stress-free, sustainable and profitable way of offering experiences to consumers.

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