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Shift to cloud.

Save time and run your operation from anywhere with any device. Scale without worry. 

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Sell in unlimited number of channels.

Sell in-store and especially online. Provide your offering in an unlimited number of sales channels, without stress or having to worry about double bookings.


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Accelerate with data-driven insights.

All of your rentals are automatically tracked, analyzed and built into reports according to your needs. This way you can see which of your products and locations are performing while optimising their inventory cycle.


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Be future-proof.

Shift to cloud.
Sell in unlimited amount of channels.
Accelerate with data & insights.

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Compared to the number of bookings that we got before, we have experienced huge growth after starting to use Rentle. Rentle also provides an excellent experience for our customers, which is really important for us.

Jarno H. - Shop Manager, Äkäslompolo Sportshop

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