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Enable multi-channel sales operations.

Every Rentle store comes with an online rental store. It means that in theory you’re able to start renting out products online in 15 minutes from this moment. Naturally, serving walk-in customers or taking phone reservations is done smoothly with Rentle.

Make rental management smarter.

Rentle's rental software helps you to save time and become more productive. Whether it was scheduling rentals, tracking inventory, or creating rental contracts, managing daily rental operations has never been this easy.

Develop your business with data.

Every rental you make through Rentle generates data about your customers and sales. Rentle creates beautiful reports of data, which you can utilise in marketing and business development.

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It is 100% free to create a Rentle store. Go ahead and play around.

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Rental software with everything you need to run your rental business.

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Online & in-store payment solution with payment terminal

Every Rentle store comes with an online rental shop and a payment terminal for your in-store without any fixed costs. The payment terminal is integrated to your digital rental contracts so that everything stays up to date.

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Digital rental contracts

Forget the hassle with paper contracts. Rentle's powerful digital rental contracts work across all your channels: online, in-store and even for phone reservations. Digital contracts automate and simplify your rental business.

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Inventory & item tracking

Rentals across all your sales channels communicate with the same inventory to ensure you won't need to worry about double bookings. You can also effortlessly check the situation with each of your rental.

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Modern security deposits

Rentle's digital contracts enable you to charge deposits for the rental period - in a modern way. We enable you to hold deposits straight from a payment card, both from online and in-store sales. No need to make extra charges or refunds.

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Effortless digital marketing & reports

Rentle collects data with every rental you make. With Rentle you are able to market your services to your customers based on their purchasing behavior. Optimize discounts and pricing based on demand, and encourage customers to write reviews for the channels you choose. Review results with automated reports. 

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Automated & intelligent upselling

Minimize the amount of manual work of your employees and grow your business with data. Let your customers extend their rentals on the fly, buy related services or enhance their rental experience with accessories you know adds value to the product being rented.

All this and more without any fixed costs!


Rentle's pricing is fully commission based without any fixed costs. The commission starts from 1,45% of the revenue going over Rentle.

Rentle is an ever-developing rental software constantly publishing new features. We don't want to tie you with a massive hardware set-up. Instead, all of the features mentioned above and the features being published in the future are included in our cloud based software, which you can use with any device.

We want to build a relationship with you, and we think it is fair that you only pay for our service when you are being paid. Let's succeed together!

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